Have you seen those blog posts titled “To the mom on her cellphone at the play ground…you’re missing out on your kids, they’re only young once and even though I have no idea what you have ever done with your children in any moment but this one right here or even if they are in fact your children, but you’re an adult of child bearing age and they came with you and right now you’re watching your phone more than the children I am assuming are yours I’m telling you via this internet letter to stop…even though I’m not with my own kids while I write this but that’s beside the point.”? Ok, those blogs posts aren’t as horrible as I probably just made them sound like. The intention is usually good, but still, I can’t be the only one tired of them.

Playground fitness Title

The point of all that up there was that, is that I might be about to tell you to stop sitting on the side lines at the playground. Maybe I’ll redeem myself by saying what I have to share here is just something to consider. Maybe taking your kids to the park is a way for the kids to entertain themselves so that you can get some much earned me time – do me time however you need to do me time! If you are one of those people who want to work out more but struggle to find the time, perhaps this is an idea you haven’t thought of yet. Maybe you just need permission to let loose and PLAY. I’ll be happy to give you that permission. Doctor’s orders!

As a whole our society is too sedentary. To the point where we sit SO much during the day that we cannot actually exercise enough to compensate for how much we sit. And we are seriously not designed to sit in a desk from 9-5 and then spend 6-10 in the gym. What we are designed to do is MOVE and MOVE a lot.

I know, if you’re a parent, especially a stay at home parent with little ones around you’re thinking, I move all day already. But I’m talking about ways in which you stress your muscles, exerting their current strength to get stronger. That’s necessary. Aerobic exercise is great and necessary, but for full health benefits, we need some resistance too.

Great. More stuff on your plate and you already don’t spend enough quality time with the kids

The solution to this is multitasking and instead of compartmentalizing your workouts to something that’s separate from the kids (or spouse) make play your workout! Kids do this all the time, adults can too!

So next time you take the kids to the playground, look at the ways you can use the equipment too. Have some fun with your workout. There’s a full free gym at the playgrounds in your town and your kids are DYING to go!

Here are some ideas:


There’s a lot we can do here…if you’re creative and up for the challenge. Here’s I’m working on triceps. Hold that core tight!

Tricep press on playground swing

Tricep rows on the swing. Again, hold that core tight.

Triceps on a playground swing

Knee tucks. This can be advanced to pikes – raise your bum in the air but keep your knees straight.

Knee tucks on playground swing

Push ups on a swing. Like ‘boy’ push ups aren’t challenging enough for many of us. This really ups the core strength because you’re working to provide stability. Get more bang for your buck!

Push up on a playground swing


With just a swing you can do mountain climbers, lounges, and side lounges – though I’ll admit these are pretty advanced, so save that ambition for next summer if you’re just starting out.

And, for some added cardio, don’t forget about pushing your kid high on the swing and running under it as you push him forward. I can’t remember what it’s called, but my kids think it’s HILARIOUS! They love it!

Do you have some ideas to share? Leave a comment and let me know how you like to use the playground to get strong and have fun!

More playground workout ideas will come in the next post!