Bellies – and the mom’s behind them

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Even though the last trimester will feel like years, we know at Barto Family Chiropractic that pregnancy is a brief time that you deserve to enjoy and pain doesn’t have to be a part of it! With that being our mindset, we do all that we can through special adjustments, exercises, home recommendations and emotional support to ensure that your pregnancy will not only be as pain-free as possible, but you reach your birth goals.

Dr Barto is certified in a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment, called the Webster Technique, which creates balance to the pregnant pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments that connect to the uterus. This improves the function and mobility of the pelvis that not only helps you be more comfortable, but can contribute to an easier labor and delivery. We know the body needs to be as balanced as possible to function as it was designed, so we’re proud to offer care that has been shown to reduce labor times up to 25% for first time moms and 40% for subsequent pregnancies.

Many moms and practitioners have reported that after receiving Webster chiropractic adjustments, the baby settles into a more optimal position for birth. The ICPA (who certifies doctors of chiropractic in this technique) is exploring the clinical data from hundreds of cases in its NIH recognized Practice Based Research Network. As an ICPA member, Dr Barto is kept up to date on all publications and current research as it applies to her practice and offers the most current methods to her patients.

Just like prenatal vitamins and exercise, Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is a critical ingredient to a healthier pregnancy and birth. Considering its safety record, there’s no need to wait to receive care. Again, just like vitamins and exercise, the earlier you start, the more benefits you receive.