Chiropractic During Pregnancy: Webster Technique

The Webster Technique has become a familiar term in the pregnancy and birth conversation. It is a chiropractic technique to ensure a thorough evaluation and adjustment of a pregnant woman and balancing of all the soft tissues that connect the uterus to her pelvis. This is important because subluxations of the sacrum/pelvis can contribute to a difficult labor for the mother (dystocia) caused by inadequate uterus function, pelvic mobility and baby positioning.

But not all Chiropractors learn it.

Most chiropractors learn what not to do to a pregnant woman in school, but that’s not the same as learning what to do – and even less devote the amount of time and energy to become and maintain Webster certification as Dr Barto has since 2014. Yep, there is a certification maintained by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) so you can be sure you’re choosing a chiropractor who has been trained and is proficient to support you for a more comfortable pregnancy and safer and easier birth.

Can Chiropractors Turn Breech Babies?

While the Webster Technique has developed a strong reputation for turning breech babies – it’s actually not what it’s for. By balancing the pelvis and associated ligaments that connect to the uterus, the side effect is typically less tension within the uterus, which gives your baby more space to move around and get into a more optimal birthing position.

Is It Safe To Be Adjusted During Pregnancy?

Absolutely…but let me add a caveat or two. All chiropractors learn the basics in school – namely, what not to do. But very few further that education through post-graduate education like Dr Barto has. This means not every chiropractor knows what to do for a pregnant woman. Some will stop adjusting the pelvis after a certain point in the pregnancy – which is a huge disservice because it’s critical to the efficiency of birth that the pelvis be balanced and properly aligned.

When you seek care from a proficient Webster Certified Chiropractor, you can safely receive and enjoy all the benefits of chiropractic care through all trimesters of pregnancy and best prepare for the birth of your little one.

A Faster Delivery

Webster chiropractic adjustments help pregnant women be more comfortable and enjoy their pregnancy. But, research shows that women who get adjusted during their pregnancy can have up to 40% faster delivery! This is because Webster Adjustments help the pelvis be able to open for the baby to pass through and also because the neurological communication to the uterus is improved to better coordinate the birth process. Birth is a heck of thing for moms and babies to go through, let us help you make it as easy as possible!