You may be too young to remember the 1972 Alice Cooper song by the above title, but if youre like most kids, you no doubt are either just finishing up school or counting the days to summer vacation. Its what kids from every generation live for!!! Just so you know though, your teachers are probably as excited about summer vacation as you are at this time of year!
Summer brings a time to set aside the work and grind of the busy schedule of the regular school year and to rest. You should be thankful for the break. Not everyone gets a break and for sure your AMAZING body doesnt. Its one of the things thats most incredible about your body. There are many parts of it that simply never rest, never take a break. It just keeps going and going.

The first part of your body that you might think of that NEVER rests is your heart. And you would be right. Your heart continually pumps blood to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body, constantly replenishing every cell with needed oxygen. Similarly, your kidneys NEVER rest. They constantly filter the blood that the heart is pumping at a rate of about one liter every minute. AMAZING!!

Of course, two other organs that you might have thought of that NEVER rest are your lungs. You never stop breathing (well not for very long at least). You continually need to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. And your AMAZING body does just that!!

Two other organs that you might not have thought of are your ears and your nose. Thats right, you never stop hearing or smelling not even when you are sleeping. You may think, Well I know people that can sleep through anything. While that may be true, its not because they are not hearing. Its because their brains are filtering out the sensory input at that time. Really AMAZING!!

A final organ that never rests is your brain. It is constantly sending and receiving impulses throughout your body thus maintaining it in organization. Consequently, your whole nerve system is constantly working. Without your nerve system none of your other organs or systems can work. It is the master control of your entire body and to be your best it needs to be its best. Your nerve system is so critical to you being your most AMAZING self, that most of it is protected by bone. The brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord by the bones of the spine.

This is why it is so important that your spine be in good alignment. Misalignment of bones of the spine can distort the communication within the nerve system (called vertebral subluxation) and keep your body from working the way that it should. Your family chiropractor can help you with that. He or she will check your spine for vertebral subluxation and adjust you when necessary. This ensures that your nerve/communication system works more efficiently and allows you to be your best self. So, enjoy your break from school and rest assure your AMAZING body is going to stay on the job no matter you do with your summer vacation. Go have fun!!!!


—By Judy Nutz Campanale, DC, ACP