Cranial Adjustments

The bones of the skull can be adjusted too! This is especially important for newborns and infants with torticollis and plagiocephaly. Cranial adjustments generally look like sustained gentle pressure that gradually creates balance and restore proper alignment and mechanics of the cranial bones.

This is important for more than just cosmetic reasons. Under the skull are layers of important neurology. Imbalance in the cranial bones can lead to tension throughout the body, so it’s very important to restore normal cranial alignment, not just shape.

Cranial adjustments can help kids avoid helmets if began early enough. For those who still need to wear a helmet, they’ll need to be assessed more often, as they usually see correction happen more quickly when also receiving chiropractic cranial adjustments.


During a vaginal birth, the baby’s skull is molded as it passes through the birth canal. This is obviously skipped during a c-section birth.

Stress on the upper part of the baby’s neck can prevent her from turning her head from side to side, so when baby is laying, it’s the same part of her head touching the floor and this can cause flattening or plagiocephaly.