Chiropractic Services in Pittsburgh

Answers To Some Of The Most Common Questions Asked About Chiropractic Care

How does chiropractic work?

You are a self-healing, self-regulating organism, controlled by your nervous system. Every moment, millions of bits of information flow from your brain, down your spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue in your body, then back up to the brain. The loss of this communication leads to an inability to adapt to stresses of your daily life and decreases the self-healing, self-regulating ability of your body. Chiropractors refer to this as Subluxation. Subluxation can at times cause pain, but not always. Chiropractic adjustments are a specific impulse given to your spine and nervous system with the intention to improve neurological communication between your brain and body. This restores the normal flow of life energy in your body and allows you to resume healing and functioning normally.

Infants and Kids

How Do Pittsburgh Infants, Toddlers, And Young Kids Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

There are plenty of benefits a pediatric chiropractor can provide for children. In fact, children actually respond better to chiropractic care because many health problems are best corrected during the early stages of their development. Many studies also point out spinal misalignments are just as likely to develop in children as they are in adults. Dr. Barto specializes in care for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. Her gentle, low-force adjusting technique can be modified to fit patients of all sizes.

Care by a pediatric chiropractor can provide children with:

  • Increased immune function
  • Decreased need for antibiotics
  • Easier and faster injury recovery
  • Better physical performance
  • Improved posture
  • Improved school performance
  • Increased focus and attention

It’s very possible that the first subluxation (spinal misalignment) you ever experienced was at birth, as the birth process puts a great amount of strain on infants’ spines (even with natural methods of childbirth). An infant’s spine, particularly the neck, can easily be contorted during the pushing stage of labor. This leads to misalignment of the small bones of the spine, putting pressure on nerves and resulting in the loss of communication between the brain and spinal cord and the rest of the body. Use of suction or forceps only compound the problem. Breech births put children at unique risk for developing neck problems depending upon the presentation and difficulty of labor.

Even if the newborn’s spine is uninjured by the birthing process, the inevitable tumbles and falls of early childhood increase the risk of injury to the spine, potentially compromising nervous system function.

If left uncorrected, these misalignments can develop into serious health problems, including chronic inner ear infections, respiratory disorders, digestive dysfunction, poor sleeping habits, colic, decreased immunity, poor appetite and other problems.

Top 10 Reasons Kids See Chiropractors

1. Earaches/Ear Infections
2. Back Pain
3. Digestive Disorders
4. Tension Headaches
5. Upper Respiratory Infections
6. Neck Pain
7. Infantile Colic
8. Asthma
9. Enuresis (Bed Wetting)
10. Allergies

Pregant Women

How Can Chiropractic Care Benefit Pregnant Pittsburgh Moms & Unborn Babies?

Many women seek chiropractic care to relieve neck or back pain that can result from the rapid body changes that occur during pregnancy. But even if you’re not in pain, you will benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care during pregnancy maintains and can even improve a healthy spine and nervous system.

Regular chiropractic care can also provide a more comfortable pregnancy, labor, and delivery for mother and baby. It stimulates the nervous system to enable proper functioning of the whole body, thus supporting the needs of your baby throughout pregnancy and during labor and delivery.

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant mothers. It reduces interference to the nervous system and helps balance the pelvis, muscles, and ligaments in a low force manner specific to the needs of pregnant moms. 

When looking for chiropractic care during pregnancy, it’s important to choose a doctor who is trained through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Barto is a prenatal and pediatric specialist certified in the Webster Technique. Proof of Dr. Barto’s ICPA membership and Webster Technique certification can be found by clicking here.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Should Women Continue To See A Chiropractor After Childbirth?

YES! The benefits of chiropractic care are widespread and effective for all sorts of different people. Postpartum women are just one of the many groups of people who benefit from chiropractic care.

There are many reasons why it is very valuable for women to see a chiropractor. Carrying extra weight in your abdomen or on your hip, when you are not use to it can strain your back fairly easily. In addition, during labor, as the baby descends through the birth canal, the bones of the pelvis must shift to allow passage, this is especially common if the baby was posterior. Regardless of the length of labor or size of baby though, misalignments of the spine and pelvis are common during labor and lead to dysfunction and decreased healing after the baby is born. A properly functioning nervous system will help you heal faster so you can be your best for the new addition in your life.

“Dr. Barto is the real deal.

She uses technology, knowledge of the body, and common sense to keep our family in tip top shape. If you try to keep up with young kids and throw out your back or knees, she’ll fix you right up!”

– Alan G.