It’s been a week of a lot of growth for me. There’s been a bunch of stuff that I’ve been wanting to do and I just haven’t been doing it. It’s stupid. Not the stuff I want to do. That’s not stupid at all. But not doing it is. I am the definition of analytical. And my symptom is analysis paralysis. I’m exposed to a new idea, it sounds great, and then I start rolling that idea around in my head. Weighing the pros, the cons, the HOWS. Oh! The how gets me! I get stuck. And then I don’t do. Then I kick myself for not doing it. So somehow last week I stumbled upon a colleague’s Facebook page. She and I went to chiropractic school together. She graduated a few trimesters ahead of me and working in the rehab center, so she taught me quite a bunch about sports science and rehab. Never thought she’d be teaching me so much about myself right now! She’s taking her business online, which has been a dream of mine for too long. Long story sort, she’s in a situation very similar to mine, but rather than tripping over the hurdles, she’s embracing them and it totally adds to her charm. It’s been a real eye opener for me. Therefore – you’re going to see more videos like the one above that are FAR from “perfect”. I don’t “work” Tuesday mornings, as in I don’t commit myself to office hours where I accept patient visits. However, this is the time that I “try” to write a blog post, “try” get to the gym, and get my coaching call in. I’ve also starting see a patient in this time at my home. This has all started to seem like quite a lot. Get the kids on the bus, go to the gym and take two classes, see a patient, take my coach call, tidy up around the house, do laundry, eat lunch and get to the office early enough to catch up on stuff there. It’s A LOT! I LOVE these classes. It’s so nice to show up and just be told what to do. I turn on some podcasts and listen to those, while in the background I’ve got the instructor telling me what to do – I don’t have to think! That’s what I love. The issue is the 10-11 hour. The second class ends around 10, the patient gets to my house around 10:30 and by 11:15 I’ve got my coaching call. There’s some logistical issues I don’t need to get in to because the point is I stopped going to the gym at all because I can’t finish the second class. And that’s stupid. One class is WAY better than no classes. On top of that, last week, that patient cancelled. So I missed out on me. What’s the saying? Do it once, shame on you. Do it twice, shame on me? Well not this week. Getting to one class is better than no classes. I made it to the gym! While I was getting ready for the first class, I checked my email and unfortunately she cancelled again. Bummer, but this time I had the option to take the second class! I was able to better utilize that time because I just jumped in and did what I could do. So the secrets to getting stuff done? Cut the excuses. It’s just crud between your ears. When there’s a will, there IS a way. Look at your calendar. Have you scheduled your self care? I’m sure work and kid activities are on there, but when are you exercising? Preparing nutritious meals? Meditating/being mindful/prayer? Spending quality time with the kids? If it’s not on your schedule, then you haven’t prioritized it. ANYTHING else is able to fill that time. Take a look at today and schedule time to realize your priorities. What are they? ADD THEM TO YOUR SCHEDULE! Once they are there PROTECT THOSE PRIORITIES! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be rigidly set in stone. Once you start acting, you can see the ways you need to adapt. Maybe the schedule changes because your kiddo started a new sport – find ways to ADAPT. Don’t demand perfection of yourself, but do demand excellence. Do your best each day. If you slip up today, forgive yourself. Tomorrow is a new chance. The patient that cancelled…it happens. What’s important is that she gets back on track. Life happens. I have people who suddenly and unexpectedly lost their dad or realized their husband was abusive. Those people had to take a step back and deal with their stuff. What’s important is that when they were ready, they came back. They didn’t give up on themselves. They just had to regroup and then they got back in the game. That’s success.