It may be time to evaluate how far you’ve come on your new years resolution. We’re about 1/4 of the way through 2015 – I know, right!

Many people include weight loss in their resolutions. It’s not surprising. Obesity is a major problem in the US. And we ABSOLUTELY have no lack of weight loss programs. We do however have a real lack of “keep it off” programs. Did you know that weight watchers makes most of their money off repeat customers? It’s a great business model. You don’t like yourself because you think you’re too fat. They sell you a crappy program. You’re miserable while you deprive yourself of the foods you love and force yourself to eat foods you hate and move your body in ways you hate so that at the end you’ll magically love yourself. All the while you’re wondering if you’ll ever get to do the things you love again.

Of course, you don’t lose weight, if you do its minimal. If you are one of the few who succeed, it’s likely short lived. Why? Because the entire concept is backwards. Human beings are not designed to punish ourselves. An amoeba won’t even that.

The first thing is to get your head straight. You’ve got to love yourself first. All parts of yourself. When you’ve got that straight, then you can start making decisions for the right reasons. Then you’ll start seeing improvements in your health, then you’ll experience the side effects of great health, looking and feeling great!

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