There’s a catchy title that I see other professionals use in talks for corporate wellness programs – Get Fit While You Sit. I feel like that’s a partial truth.

There’s more to fitness than what you could accomplish just sitting, but any physical movement is going to be better than none every single time. So I switched up the title a bit. Maybe you’re a hardcore rule follower and abide by those age rules that are posted at the playground. That will definitely confine you to the bench as the adult. Apparently I’m not always a rule follower because none of these pictures were done at the bench…but they could be.


Squats can be done anywhere of course, but using something like a bench or in this picture a higher platform can give you a clue about the depth of your squat. Squat down until your bum just touches the edge – but don’t actually sit. Make this an exercise of will power too! Squats at the playground

Push Ups

I get so excited about doing push ups on things! Raising your feet up increases the difficulty and therefore increases your strength. Make your work out challenging means you get more from it with less time spent. You could flip this around and put your hands on the steps and do the push ups that way too. Pushups at the playground

Tricep Dips

Oh, another one I get jazzed up about! I love toned arms! Make it harder by stretching your feet out in front of you. Tricep Dips at the Playground

Box Jumps

No fancy gym equipment needed. Just something high enough to exert yourself but not too high that you can’t do it at least once!. These kinds of explosive exercises are AWESOME for your muscles (you have different types of muscle fibers and the ones that respond to explosive movements need some lovin’ too! Which is why we can’t just get totally fit while we sit, or just by running long distances. Box Jumps at the Playground These last few posts have been really fun to write! I’m kinda surprised! If you’re enjoying them, leave a comment and let me know! Let me know what you’ve been inspired to do now that I’ve given you a few ideas! (Knowledge is not power. Without ACTION, knowledge is useless) What ideas do you have that I haven’t shared? Let me know!