No doubt the health and wellness world tends to be a confusing place! Especially when it comes to choosing nutritional supplements. Some professionals say you can choose whatever, others say there’s no benefit across the board, some even say they are harmful.

The reality is some supplements are beneficial, some a harmful and some are useless. So how are you to know?

One of the first things to realize is supplements can be either “naturally derived” or “naturally occurring.” “Natural” is the latest buzz word. Everyone wants what’s natural, it makes sense. Unfortunately, the word is not regulated from a marketing stand point and it can be combined with other words that totally change what you think it means.

“Naturally derived” just means that the product was derived from something natural. Pharmaceutical and street drugs tend to be naturally derived. As is high fructose corn syrup and trans fat.  But those items themselves do not occur in nature, naturally. They wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for humans creating them.

“Naturally occurring” means that it can actually be found IN NATURE.

Innate Choice is the Gold Standard Supplement Company

The supplements I carry in my office, Innate Choice, are all Naturally Occurring supplements. This means, the forms and ratios of EPA and DHA found in OmegaSufficiency are what are found in nature. The kinds and amounts of healthy bacteria species found in Probiotic Sufficiency are what is found in healthy humans. Each vitamin in VitaSufficiency is the form of the vitamin which is found in nature!

Why is this important? I joke with my female clients, and sometimes my male clients, that this is important because men screw up everything! It’s no coincidence that the term is “man made.” Of course, I’m just teasing, but when have humans ever improved upon nature? Never and we never will.

So make your life easier and improve your health by providing your body what it naturally requires from what nature naturally provides.

Naturally Occurring Vitamins

Innate Choice VitaSufficiency Nutrition Label