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Dr. Stephanie Barto of Barto Family Chiropractic is changing the lives of families from all over the Pittsburgh region out of her Plum Borough office. Dr. Barto has expertise in working with patients of all ages and health concerns, but she specializes and especially enjoys working with kids, pregnant women (Webster Technique certified), and moms who have unintentionally neglected their own health and well- being while raising families. As a mom of two young children, Dr. Barto knows the daily stresses that moms endure and can relate on a personal level. As a doctor, she can help moms (or anyone!) start to once again live the life of health and vitality you deserve! Call Barto Family Chiropractic at 412-793-3300 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barto, or complete the quick form at the right and we will reach out to you immediately!
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